IT infrastructure

Transparency and process optimization by LOBP-Consulting Quality 

  • Standardized, documented business processes 
  • Transparency of processes for all employees
  • Transparent structures avoid duplication of effort 
  • Process knowledge to a few employees is no longer distributed, but generally available 
  • Processes and structures are lived and continuously developed 

Control of Documents 

  • Transparent and central storage of documents 
  • Location-independent access 
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for document control of various norms and standards 
  • Release and Publication workflows 
  • Automatic change tracking.
  • Revision-proof due to versioning and archiving 

Portal and intranet functionality 

  • Target group-related provision of documents and information. 
  • Location-independent access to content from the perspective of the particular management system 
  • Enterprise-wide search of documents and information. 
  • Area-based and role-optimized websites
  • Group and team calendar 
  • Forums, Wikis, central knowledge database
  • Workflows