advanced engineering technology

Advanced engineering technology 

The intelligent combination of processes and technology creates compliance in our projects! 

The project execution requires various technologies in each phase. LOBP-Consulting incorporates the latest technologies with the aim of a more efficient and reliable plant design.

In engineering work, it is important that the information created in each design phase is organically linked in an integrated manner. We have the proper tools for the intuitive creation and edition of P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams). This combined with our engineering competence enables us to produce a sophisticated application for engineering and the documentation of industrial process plants. The P&IDs satisfy industry standards like ISO 10628, ISO 62424, DIN 2429.

For example, recognizing the importance of process simulation, LOBP-Consulting is using simulators/tools which are highly regarded by clients for the high-precision of basic designs and debottlenecking of Grease, Lubricant blending, filling and packaging plants.

With our data warehouse at its center we achieve efficient design information flow from our German office, to worldwide vendors, clients, and construction sites, offering more efficient and reliable design.

In addition, to maintain and improve design quality, LOBP-Consulting uses SharePoint®, a design verification system, that operates according to the progress of the design work.